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When his mother (Tricia Helfer) escaped Hell, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) was terrified of the destruction she might wreak. But when Lucifer picks up in Season 2, the fallen angel is shocked to discover Mom isn’t out for revenge after all.
“She wants to be with her sons,” Helfer tells “Obviously, she was banished to Hell for a very long time, so she’s trying to make up for lost time in many ways.”

Although Mom truly has good intentions for her relationships with Lucifer and Amenadiel (DB Woodside), that doesn’t mean she isn’t up to something even the devil would shake his head at. “She definitely has a dislike for humanity, so she’s not too happy that she’s stuck in an earthly skin sack, as she calls them. And going forward, she would definitely step on anyone who’s in her way or trying to stop her from going forward with her agenda — and she definitely does have an agenda,” the actress explains.

“As this season progresses, we’ll see more of what that is and it’s in keeping with wanting to get back what she lost. She lost her family. She lost her life. She lost her home. So she definitely wants that back, so there is an agenda on Mom’s part.”

“Could that turn violent?” Helfer adds. “Absolutely.”

To learn more about what Mom’s life on earth looks like — plus, what we should expect of Lucifer’s other brother, Uriel — check out everything else Helfer revealed about Lucifer’s second season below:

Lucifer and Mom think they know everything about each other, when they really don’t know each other at all anymore. What will surprise Lucifer and Mom the most about each other as they spend all this time together?

Helfer: I think what’s surprising to Lucifer is how Mom isn’t just hell-bent on revenge or out to get him. One of the fun things to see throughout filming is by Mom being there, how you get to see different sides of Lucifer and Amenadiel that you don’t get to see on a regular basis. You get to see a wounded, vulnerable, young boy side to Lucifer that you don’t get to see other times.

And I think they’re learning to trust each other again. They’re learning to co-exist down on Earth and Mom certainly has a way of getting in the way sometimes … and smothering him to an extent. But going past that, Lucifer starts to realize that Mom does have an agenda and Mom starts to realize that Lucifer is maybe getting too close, enjoying it too much down here. And because of her dislike for humanity, she can’t understand why he finds them fascinating.

What is Mom’s opinion of Chloe (Lauren German) and her relationship with Lucifer?

Helfer: The audience is more aware, obviously, of Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship. But Mom has been outside of that. Mom has met Chloe at this point, but doesn’t know her, doesn’t know her relationship. Mom knows that he works with the police, but she can’t understand it. In many ways, she’s trying to find her own feet in the first part of the season. And now that she’s settled in, she’s more aware of her surroundings and the closeness of Lucifer and Chloe will definitely start to get Mom’s attention. But we’re just starting to broach that now [in Episode 8].

Amenadiel is going through a lot of problems of his own this season. How will Mom factor into that storyline?

Helfer: Amenadiel definitely is going through a huge transition himself. As we know at the end of last season, he started to fall. He was always somebody that was closer and understood more of his father’s perspective. … Like any child of divorce, there are things the children understand or don’t understand. When Mom left, Amenadiel was left with dad’s description of what happened. So he was left with one side of the story as well. With Mom being there, he’s definitely distrustful of her to begin with.

Things surrounding another son, Uriel, played by Michael Imperioli, coming down end up bringing Amenadiel and Mom together. He starts to see Mom and hear her side of things. With him falling and going through this internal struggle himself, and questioning for the first time his father’s motivations, and here’s his mom being there for him, so it starts to open his eyes to Mom a little bit more.

What can you reveal about the introduction of Uriel and how he shakes up the family dynamic?

Helfer: That episode will be quite explosive for the fans. Uriel coming down brings together Lucifer and Amenadiel in a way that they haven’t been so far. Mom coming down also started bringing them together a bit. And then with Uriel coming down, it really does force them to take stock of things. It is quite an explosive episode and a very heavy episode for all of the family, but definitely for Lucifer.

Does Mom have a favorite son? And if so, who is it?

Helfer: Yes, Mom has a favorite son and I think it’s Lucifer. Mom loves all her children and she loved her life before, but Lucifer in many ways follows after his mom. In many ways. Amendaiel has taken his father’s side, and while Lucifer didn’t take his mother’s side, they have a lot of similarities. I think because he reminds her of herself quite a bit, he would probably be her favorite.

Given that Lucifer is her favorite son, how will Mom react when she learns that he brokered a deal with God to send her back to Hell?

Helfer: That is not going to sit well with Mom, so it will hurt her. How she reacts may be surprising. We broach that in the third episode.

Mom is in the body of a human, Charlotte Richards, who had a whole life and family of her own before she died. Will we see Mom step into Charlotte’s identity?

Helfer: I won’t give away the reason surrounding Mom stepping into Charlotte Richards’ life, but you see that in the third episode. Charlotte Richards is alive to all the people around her. They never did find a body, obviously, because Mom took it over. So it’s a big learning curve for Mom, having to deal with children. She has children of her own, but these are human children and she has to learn how to deal with that. And she has a husband and she has to learn how to deal with that. And ultimately, I suppose, she has to get back to work. In a way, work may be an escape from the house life she has to deal with, which she hugely detests.


Sparks will fly when Lucifer brings the title character’s mom into the fold in season two.

“It’s given us a little piece of dynamite that we’ve given to the cast and exploded everything,” showrunner Joe Henderson told the crowd at the Fox drama’s Comic-Con panel Saturday.

Lucifer’s first season ended with the title character being fatally shot, and then resurrected by God. However, in exchange for his life, Lucifer promised God he would recapture a soul that had escaped from Hell — the soul of his mother.

“We had all these conversations about Lucifer family. … The big revelation we had midway through season one was: what about mom?” Henderson said. “That became a big piece of it that we hadn’t originally planned for.”

Playing Lucifer’s “nemesis/nurturer” mother as Henderson described the role is new series regular Tricia Helfer.

“The introduction of mom brings a whole new dynamic to the show,” star Tom Ellis said, saying the characters “behave differently” when she resurfaces. “You see the formidable characters be really not so formidable.”

The introduction of mom also further complicates the brotherly relationship Lucifer and Amenadiel. “I think we both have a different relationship with her. I think she’s going to come in the middle of that and play with that a little bit,” D.B. Woodside said

Added Helfer: “Mom kind of does try to smooth things over and get in the middle of it a little bit.”

One person mom will definitely clash with is Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt). “There is no love lost between Maze and mom,” Helfer teased.

Read the remainder of the article here. Lucifer’s second season kicks off Monday, Sept. 19 at 9 p.m. on Fox.


With a masterful magician’s stroke, USA Network’s drama series SUITS managed to surprise viewers last week by introducing Evan Smith (Tricia Helfer), who everyone thought was going to be another one of Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) romantic liaisons — but to everyone’s dismay — Evan proved a worthy adversary and managed to get the drop on Harvey by producing a video tape placing Donna (Sarah Rafferty) in a precarious legal position and threatening to turn Donna into the District Attorney’s office.  It was as if SUITS were giving a sly nod to Tricia Helfer’s days as a Cylon on the series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, where she played a wolf in sheep’s clothing and proved that a beautiful woman should never be under-estimated.

In an exclusive interview, Tricia Helfer talked about her guest-starring role and getting the drop on Harvey, as well as reuniting with her former co-star Patrick Adams.

You seem to be the woman of the hour right now with such a juicy role on SUITS.  What initially drew you to the role of Evan Smith?
TRICIA:  The first episode, which aired last week, was being directed by Patrick Adams and I had done a pilot for a TV series a couple years ago with Patrick, where he played my younger brother, and I just adored him.  I thought he was not only a really good actor, but a really great guy, was really bright, and had a lot going for him.  So I thought, “Wow, he’s directing now. He’s a talented young man.”  So I thought I would jump on board and have some fun with them.

When you read about the role and it said you would be playing the female-version of Harvey Specter, did you go, “Wait? I supposed to play what?!”
TRICIA:  [Laughs] I’ve seen the show, so I got the references they were talking about — somebody very sure of themselves, very good at their job, very on point, fantastic attorney, somebody looking out for themselves, but wants to win.  So playing that type of character is fun.    Playing a very strong female character is a lot of fun, so why wouldn’t I do that, right?!

Even so, Harvey sometimes travels a slippery-slope in the legal realm. Maybe you were thinking, “hey, that’s not me!”
TRICIA:  [Laughs] Well, not all characters are me, personally.  I’ve played bank robbers, serial killers, and robots.  So playing a lawyer with a little bit of a slippery-side on the legal side — I also played a lawyer with the same kind of disposition, shall we say, on THE FIRM for the season it was on — so it makes it for fun.  There’s a lot of gray areas in the law, unfortunately.

How do you see your character Evan?  Who is she?
TRICIA:  She is definitely, as you say, on a slippery-slope on this case.  But I did see her as somebody that wasn’t necessarily dirty.  She may not necessarily know exactly what her clients are up to.  She wants to win.  It’s a game after she meets Harvey.  It’s not a game to the extent that the job isn’t the most important thing, it’s just to the extent in beating Harvey.  It is a chess-match. It’s a game to her on the side.  But I don’t think she necessarily knows to the extent what her clients know.  So I don’t see Evan as being dirty.  Whereas the character I played on THE FIRM, I think she knew a little bit more than she let on — and I don’t think that is the case with Evan.  I could be wrong.  There is only two episodes and where we leave it tonight, the way I see it is Evan could come back on another case.  So I don’t necessarily think she is dirty.

Would Evan actually stand behind her threat to turn in Donna to the DA’s office? That’s a really big thing to pull.
TRICIA:  It is.  But if Donna did what she thinks she did, that is also not a good thing to do.  So I think she absolutely would follow through with her threat.

Uh oh.  So Evan is a bit of a shark.
TRICIA:  Exactly! You’ll have to watch tonight and see.

The show teased initially that there might be a romantic relationship between Evan and Harvey.  Is that a possibility or is that off the table at this point?
TRICIA:  I won’t say what happens tonight, but in the future there could always be a possibility.  I think these are two people that if they got together, would they end up happily ever after? No.  They are too competitive, too similar to each other.  But I think if they had met under different circumstances or a different case, especially now that she has kind of brought Donna into it or Donna has injected herself into it in a compromising way.  I think that would be a very hard road to go down just because of the way Harvey feels about Donna.  But there is certainly attraction there and you never know what would happen at a different time in a different place.

How does Evan see Harvey?  Does she just see him as the competition?  What’s going through her head?
TRICIA:  She definitely sees him as competition. Again, a different time, different place, they could have some fun together.  But especially after what Donna has done, it does raise the stakes.  The case is also a serious case.  People have lost their lives and there are possibly other lives at stake.  So it’s not like she’s “he’s cute, I’m going to forget about my job.”  She’s very on point with her job.  She sees Harvey as a formidable foe, but she sees him as someone she could have fun with as well.

What was it like working in your scenes with Gabriel Macht?
TRICIA:  It is a great set.  They have the luxury of a lot of time.  I was like, “Wow, you guys get 8-day episodes? You have a lot of time to do this.”  So many shows now cram everything into 6 days or 7 days. So they certainly have the luxury of time.  Working with both Gabriel and Patrick was great.  I’ve worked with Patrick before and he was really great to work with both times, and I had just met Gabriel for the first time and he was lovely, very welcoming.  I think he was going through a house move with young children.  So I think he was kind of personally pulled in all directions.  The poor guy was very tired when we were working.  But he was lovely to work with, just very warm and welcoming.

Having worked with Patrick before, what was it like working with him this time as a director?
TRICIA:  It was great! The poor thing, he was sicker than a dog.  It was like Gabriel was tired and Patrick was sick.  When a flu goes around a set, it is not a fun thing.  I have a lot of animals, so I liken it to kennel-cough.  So the first episode, a lot of the crew had the flu and Patrick did as well.  So he had the double-duty of acting and directing while he was with a fever and everything.  But he did a fantastic job.  Patrick has a wonderful eye.  He’s a really good photographer, which I learned about the first time we worked together.  I think that is great for him getting into directing because he already has a certain artistic eye and he knows about lens and lighting and things like that.  That’s an added benefit and the rest is story-telling.  So he was great to work with. Very focused.  He knew what he wanted and then relied upon his crew, which is also instrumental and a good thing for directors to be able to do.

You may have also crossed paths with Gina Torres, who plays Jessica on the show. Did you two have a chance to compare notes coming from a similar TV background — playing iconic women on iconic sci-fi shows?
TRICIA:  [Laughs] I didn’t get to work with her, unfortunately.  I think Gina is fantastic.  I had met her years ago when I first started acting, when she was on FIREFLY.  I had a friend on FIREFLY, so I met her way back when and she was just so lovely and such a wonderful person. She certainly played a kick-ass character on that show.  So we did not get a chance to reminisce about playing strong female characters on sci-fi shows.  We just said, “Hello.”  But, unfortunately, I did not get to do any scenes with her.

Fans would have loved that.  That would have been super fun.
TRICIA:  It was more that I barely even saw her.  It was more like big smiles and waving “Hi!” as we’re passing each other in different golf carts.

Assuming you’re not going to be regular on SUITS, what are you doing next?
TRICIA:  We just had ASCENSION air in the States and it is currently airing in Canada.  Two nights ago it just had its third episode, so it is half-way through its airing and I think it is almost done airing in the U.K.  It has been doing well in both places.  So I’ve just been kind of doing that right now and waiting to see if we are doing more of that, or if I’m moving on to something else.  I’m also in the midst of pitching a project that I’m really hoping to get off the ground.  It’s a passion project of mine based on the book series “Heartsick.”  I have been working to try and get that going and find it a home.  So I can’t say too much about it because it literally in the negotiation stage and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to hold onto it or not.  But it is just a fantastic series of books.  So fingers-crossed that I’ll have good news in a couple of weeks.

You are also very passionate about your charity work.  Is there something upcoming that fans can look forward to like with Acting Outlaws?
TRICIA:  Acting Outlaws, yes.  We have signed on to do the Tulip Ride again in Seattle, April 18th.  It will be our third year and we are very proud to say that we have helped them raise a lot of money so far — a little over $30K in the last 3 years — and that goes to the Seattle Humane Society and Seattle Red Cross.  So we are going back up this year to join in that ride.  That’s the next thing we are doing and, of course, our calendar is for sale still on Redbubble where you can actually time your month.  So if you didn’t know about the calendar and you want to buy it, you don’t have to go, “Well, I’ve just wasted the first 3 months.”  You can actually buy it from April this year to April next year, or whenever you want it to go from.  It’s made to order, so they can design it to start on any month.

If you could offer any teasers for the fans about tonight’s new episode of SUITS, how would you describe it?
TRICIA:  I would say that Donna definitely has some explaining to do.  It’s going to potentially cause a riff, but she’s got a lot of people rooting for her and maybe we get to see how Harvey really feels. Evan is certainly there to rile them up.

Will Evan stick to her guns or will she want to work with them?
TRICIA:  Evan is somebody who sticks to her guns.  So watch out!

To see whether Donna will end up taking a bullet for the team or whether Evan will find a better way to win her case, be sure to tune in for tonight’s all new episode of SUITS at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network.