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Let's summon demons, Comicon!!!! #lucifer

— Ildy Modrovich (@Ildymojo) July 22, 2017

Starting the day off at TV Guide. #lucifer #sdcc2017 luciferonfox

— Tricia Helfer (@trutriciahelfer) July 22, 2017

Hard at work! #Lucifer #comicon #onaboat

— Joe Henderson (@Henderson_Joe) July 22, 2017

This isn't the end for #Lucifer's mother… @trutriciahelfer's here at the panel! 😉 #Lucifer #SDCC2017

— Lucifer (@LuciferonFOX) July 22, 2017

Now @trutriciahelfer is talking about playing Mom season 2, & digging into Charlotte in Season 3. @kevinmalejandro talks improv. #Lucifer

— Lucifer Writers Room (@LUCIFERwriters) July 22, 2017

.@trutriciahelfer speaks about becoming Charlotte and figuring out what happened to her after what Mom put her through #Lucifer #WBSDCC

— Fangirlish (@fangirlishness) July 22, 2017

Charlotte doesn't know who she is, so she doesn't know what she wants… @trutriciahelfer #Lucifer

— Lucifer Writers Room (@LUCIFERwriters) July 22, 2017

hell of a time with @LuciferonFOX #WBSDCC #sdcc #lucifer @extratv

— Jeff Tobler (@JeffTobler) July 22, 2017

The cast of #Lucifer are cooling off with us on the WB Boat! #WBSDCC #SDCC

— Warner Bros. TV (@warnerbrostv) July 22, 2017

Getting around in this town during #sdcc2017 is crazy, but I'm on my way finally See ya soon…

— Tricia Helfer (@trutriciahelfer) July 20, 2017


— TheGeekiary (@TheGeekiary) July 20, 2017

Better #bsg #sdcc pictures to come later

— TheGeekiary (@TheGeekiary) July 20, 2017

.@trutriciahelfer knew she was a Cylon from day one. Her backstory? "The machine is woman." #BSG #SDCC

— SYFY FANGRRLS (@Syfyfangrrls) July 20, 2017

.@trutriciahelfer gave orders to the Cylon body doubles of her on set: "No, you're a worker Six. Don't walk like you're on a runway." #BSG

— Chris Taylor (@FutureBoy) July 20, 2017

"I really wanted to toy with the idea of a robot with PTSD." @trutriciahelfer on exploring the character of Number 6. #BSG #SDCC

— SYFY (@SYFY) July 20, 2017

Before #BSG @trutriciahelfer had only been a dead body on CSI: Miami and in one indie film. Basically she's amazing as we knew 🔥🔥🔥 #SDCC

— SYFY FANGRRLS (@Syfyfangrrls) July 20, 2017

Both Tricia & Grace watched Irreversible to prepare for certain PTSD stories #sdcc #bsg

— TheGeekiary (@TheGeekiary) July 20, 2017

Helfer: I never got to say FRAK. I wish I could have. #BSG

— Doddle (@doddleme) July 20, 2017

Six versus Starbuck was David Eick's favorite fight scene of the series. @trutriciahelfer noted how fun the scene was to shoot. #BSG #SDCC

— SYFY FANGRRLS (@Syfyfangrrls) July 20, 2017

Just three cylons hanging out at #sdcc2017

— Tricia Helfer (@trutriciahelfer) July 20, 2017